Slab & Table Top Flattening Services

SAVE TIME & Make More!

We can flatten:

  • Individual Slabs
  • Glue-Ups
  • Epoxy Pours
  • Up to 56″ wide x 13′ long!

Drop-off and pick-up in Allen, TX or Van Alstyne, TX.  *Pick up and delivery services availabe for an additional fee.



We charge $7.50 per square foot to flatten slabs and glue-ups, and $10/sqft for epoxy.  Here’s an example pricing.  If you have a slab that is 8′ long x 18″ wide, each side is 12 sqft.  So to flatten each side would cost $90.  To flatten the entire slab would cost $180.

If you had a table top that was 8’x3′ it would cost $360 to flatten both sides of the table top completely – 48 sqft @ $7.50/sqft.

Please use this pricing example to create an estimate for your project!  We try to turn around flattened slabs and table tops within a week.  

Machine time is limited so please call or text Devin for availablity or to reserve your time.  469-745-7232


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Drive to your shop in Van Alstyne?

Nope!  You can drop if off with me in Allen, TX, I’ll take it up and bring it back to Allen without additional cost.  Or for an additional fee, I can pick it up and deliver it back when it’s done most anywhere in the DFW area depending on availability.

What is the largest you can flatten?

The Slabmizer will fit slabs/table tops up to 56″ wide and 13′ long and as thick as 8″ so we can fit some pretty large pieces in there to flatten for you.  

Why does Epoxy cost more than wood to flatten?

There are a number of factors, but mostly time and wear and tear on the machine.  Additionally, disposal of the epoxy is more time and labor intensive than simply disposing of sawdust.