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We make show stopping tables from local hardwood slabs, with or without colorful epoxy fill.  Looking for a bar table for your outdoor space?  We can make that happen too.  From coffee table to c table, entryway table to custom desk, and everything in between we can hand make it.  Tell me what you’re interested in and I’ll get you a no-obligation estimate.  

Epoxy Resin

Several Finish Options

Live Edge Hardwoods

Custom Bases 

Your New Table

Each piece is built by hand right here in North Texas.  I source hardwood live edge slabs from local saw mills.  The most popular woods are Oak, Elm, Pecan, and Sycamore.  We have also used other beautiful hardwoods and can provide you options.

Once you select your wood type, we discuss your options to add colorful epoxy to the table or leave it natural.  Next we select a table base style that I weld by hand, then have powder coated by a local powder coating shop with decades of experience.  When your table is ready for finishing, you have several options.  I can make a suggestion based on your use to ensure your table will last with you and your family for years.

I can make you any kind of accent table including coffee tables, side tables, desks, sofa/console table, entryway tables, and dining tables in rectangular, square, circular, or even oval!  Send me a message from the contact section below and let me know what you’re interested in.  I’m quick to reply and there is no obligation for a free estimate.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a two-part liquid that when cured is a hard solid.  We can color it any color, including clear, and it is often used to give a very unique and custom look to a piece.  It is also used in voids that have naturally occurred in the wood slabs to give you a full solid surface.  We have several examples of epoxy tables on our site as well as on our Instagram page.

Can you deliver large pieces or install them if they require installation?  

Yes/it depends.  If you’re fairly close (within 20 miles of Allen or Van Alstyne, TX, I’ll often deliver with no additional cost.  If you live farther away, let’s talk!  Even large items can be shipped and I don’t mark up shipping costs.  If it needs to be delivered, I have a 16′ trailer and depending on how far you are, we can coordinate delivery and installation. 

Why is live edge more expensive?   

Live edge pieces are more expensive for a few reasons. 1) There will only be one piece of live edge wood exactly like it. Dimensions and grain are all unique.   2) While it’s easy for large manufacturers to create traditional lumber in bulk, it’s more challenging to create live edge pieces.  3) The demand is high, raising the price of the raw materials.  4) The process to finish a live edge piece of lumber is much more labor intensive.