As a Big Green Egg owner, you understand the value and cooking performance of this incredible cooking machine with its well-earned worldwide reputation.  As the world’s largest producer of kamado cookers their unrivaled thermal properties and patented components maximize ceramic technologies to produce excellent results.  Every cooking experience on an Egg is better with our custom Big Green Egg tables. Whether you’re grilling, smoking, or baking, the Big Green Egg offers the ultimate cooking experience far superior to any gas grill.

Features & Benefits

Big Green Egg table details of cedar and steel.For some the Egg’s standard metal table nest is fine, but if you regularly use your Egg you quickly realize you need more.  More room to prep and more space for storage.  That’s where our handmade custom tables come in.  We specialize in building custom Big Green Egg tables for all sizes of Eggs – medium, large, XL, and 2XL. Our design is clean and modern to complement outdoor kitchens or to be free-standing support for your Egg.

Our tables are made from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring that they will last for years to come. We focus on initial material quality to ensure we produce the best final product.  Our steel frames are powder coated and we finish our cedar boards with an outdoor spar urethane.  Our built-in surround top gives you the feel of a long table while maximizing workspace.  We designed our tables for safe and stable cooking surface every time you use it.  Adding an optional component like a cabinet or third shelf will also maximize your functionality.

Benefits of Owning our Big Green Egg Custom Tables

  1. A Safe and Stable Cooking Surface: One of the biggest benefits of owning our custom Big Green Egg table is that it provides a safe and stable cooking surface. With our table, you can ensure that your Egg is always sitting on a stable surface, reducing the risk of accidents during those long cooks. Our tables are a great fit for the BGE low-profile nest which ensures consistent cooking temperatures while reducing heat transfer from the bottom of your ceramic grill.

  2. Convenience: Another benefit of owning a Cedar & Steel Big Green Egg table is convenience. With our table, you can store all of your cooking accessories in one place.  Easily access everything you need while you’re cooking. Plus, our tables offer an optional cabinet providing ample storage space for your Eggcessories.

  3. Durability: Our custom Big Green Egg tables are built to last. We use high-quality materials and steel construction for our powder-coated frames.  They feature excellent weathering characteristics to ensure that your table can withstand the elements for years to come. Plus, our tables are treated with a weather-resistant spar urethane finish, so you can use them in any weather conditions.  Of course, a cover is suggested when not in use for the life of your big green egg table.

  4. Style:  Our custom tables will improve the style and function of any outdoor space.  The perfect compliment to outdoor kitchens or as a stand alone piece of outdoor furniture.  The clean and minimal lines maximize function for a great Eggsperience and a feature in your outdoor decor.


Large Big Green Egg Tables:

Big Green Egg Custom Tables

This Large Big Green Egg in a Cedar & Steel custom table

Our large egg tables are designed to fit your large Egg perfectly.  Built with high-quality powder-coated steel for the frames that provide a solid foundation for your egg.  The table also includes a built-in shelf, perfect for storing your Eggcessories, and offers a wide range of added storage like an optional third shelf or cabinet. You can easily move your Egg around the backyard with the four heavy-duty swivel casters.

XL Big Green Egg Tables:

Our XL Big Green Egg tables are perfect for those who have this larger Egg size. Like our large tables, we build our XL tables from high-quality cedar and steel and feature a built-in shelf with optional additional storage. But because the XL Egg is larger and heavier, our XL tables feature industrial-style heavy-duty casters for added stability and mobility.

Custom Options

In addition to our standard designs, we can customize any design of our Big Green Egg tables. Looking for a specific size or want to add custom features?  We can work with you to create a table that meets your specific needs.

At Cedar & Steel, we’re passionate about providing high-quality, custom-built Big Green Egg tables.  We also make custom tables for other brands of kamado grill like Kamado Joe.  If you want the best Big Green Egg table for your medium, large, or XL egg look no further than Cedar & Steel.