The Big Green Egg is a beloved and versatile ceramic grill that brings exceptional cooking experiences to outdoor enthusiasts. To ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of this remarkable cooking tool, proper maintenance is essential. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of regular maintenance for your Big Green Egg.  We will also introduce a valuable service, the BGE Tune-Up, offered by Cedar and Steel. Let’s dive into how proper maintenance can enhance your grilling adventures and why the BGE Tune-Up service is a worthy investment.

Maximize Performance

By diligently maintaining your Big Green Egg, you can achieve consistent and exceptional cooking performance. Regular cleaning and ash removal prevent airflow obstruction and ensure proper ventilation, allowing for precise temperature control. This enables you to cook with accuracy, whether you’re searing a steak, smoking a brisket, or baking a pizza.

Prolong Lifespan

Just as any valuable tool requires care, your Big Green Egg will greatly benefit from proper maintenance. Cleaning the grill’s interior and exterior regularly helps prevent buildup, rust, and corrosion. By removing ash, grease, and residue, you minimize the risk of damage and ensure the longevity of your investment. Additionally, protecting your Big Green Egg from extreme weather conditions with a cover or shelter will safeguard its ceramic structure and components.

Optimize Flavor and Safety

Maintenance plays a vital role in preserving the authentic flavors imparted by the Big Green Egg. Regularly cleaning the cooking grates, removing ash, and maintaining a clean firebox prevent unwanted residues from tainting the taste of your food. Furthermore, ensuring the proper alignment of the top and bottom vents contributes to consistent airflow and heat distribution, allowing for delicious and evenly cooked meals.

Beyond flavor, proper maintenance also promotes safety. By removing grease and accumulated debris, you reduce the risk of flare-ups and potential accidents. Keeping the gasket in good condition prevents smoke or heat leaks, allowing you to maintain precise temperature control and avoid unexpected fluctuations.

Introducing the BGE Tune-Up by Cedar and Steel

To assist you in maintaining your Big Green Egg, Cedar and Steel offers the BGE Tune-Up service. This comprehensive on-site service includes essential components designed specifically for your Big Green Egg, renewing your Egg and making your cooking experience easier and more efficient.

Our on-site service includes:

  • Travel & Labor
  • New Hi-Temp Gasket
  • Top & Bottom Alignment
  • Grill & Exterior Cleaning
  • Handle Renewal

The replacement gasket ensures a tight seal between the lid and base, maintaining optimal temperature control and efficiency. Proper alignment insures an even seal for consistent cooks.  We can also bring your replacement parts for any components that should be replaced or have worn out/are broken. If you handle is beyond repair, just let us know and we can bring out a brand new handmade option for purchase.  Or maybe you’ve had your eye on some new Big Green Egg Eggcessories?  We can bring you those too!  The best part is that it’s all done at your place, on-site.  Let us do the maintenance that will keep your Egg cranking out delicious meals for years to come.  Purchase your Big Green Egg Tune-Up today.


The Big Green Egg is a culinary powerhouse that requires regular maintenance to unleash its full potential. By adopting proper maintenance practices, you can maximize the performance, prolong the lifespan, optimize flavor, and ensure safety while cooking on this versatile grill. The BGE Tune-Up Kit offered by Cedar and Steel simplifies the maintenance process, providing you with the necessary tools and components to keep your Big Green Egg in prime condition. Embrace the benefits of proper maintenance and elevate your grilling experiences with the Big Green Egg and the BGE Tune-Up Kit.