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My name is Devin Hajek and I’m the maker behind Cedar & Steel.  Anyone who knows me isn’t surprised that I’m off on another adventure… Here’s how it started.

I had a digital marketing and design company called Sketchbook Creative that I started after the terrible economy of ’08-09 ruined another business I had at the time.  I built up Sketchbook Creative over the course of a decade.  It was fun, but intangible.  Flash forward to 2020 – here comes another crisis to ruin my business.  Many of my clients tried to cut costs as fast as they could to make it and I saw the writing on the wall.  It’s late spring 2020 and I’m unsure of how I’d weather the storm.  So, I decided to pause.  I was stuck at home for the most part anyway, so I might as well build something.

I dusted off my welder, bought some cedar and steel, and built a backyard poolside bench.  On my hands and knees in the driveway, I framed out a box bench base. Then I finished cedar decking boards for the top, dragged it into the backyard and put it all together.  It was amazing how different the experience was making something tangible!  Everyone who saw it made a comment and wanted to know more.


I’d made websites and digital strategies for massive companies (and small ones) but nobody really even knew what I did – intangible.  I made one bench and everyone was talking about it and asking for pieces like it.  The shift was massive to me – how much easier it was to convey value when people could hold something in their hands.  The connection you and the client have with the new piece is a special benefit too. 

After that experience, things grew organically and I’m excited for the future.  I’m not a lifelong craftsman, I’m not an expert; I’m learning everyday.  I’m grateful to my friends and family who have purchased pieces from me and supported me on my new path.  I know that without you, none of this would have happened and I remember that every day.

 What started as a business that built benches and Big Green Egg tables has morphed into custom live edge furniture, steel table leg fabrication for other makers, and lots of really cool epoxy projects.  I specialize in making custom tables of any size and love to include custom epoxy colors when clients request it.  What can I build for you?


Devin Hajek


What can I build for you?

I couldn’t be happier with my bench from Cedar & Steel.  Hand made in the USA, great quality, and awesome customer service.  Thanks Cedar & Steel, I look forward to my next purchase.

– Tommy W., Waco, TX

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